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Goldsprint is a bicycle roller racing and social event that brings together the community and challenges you to experience cycling through a whole new perspective.
While the GoldSprint, as we know it, may be a modern phenomenon, the idea of racing bikes on rollers goes way back to the early 1900`s. The bikes are stationary and the race is so easy that anyone can participate, making the event suitable for both children and adults.


It's a race, a race for glory and survival! It's a sprint that will pump you up! The bikes are stationary and the rollers are connected to sensors that will measure your sprint distance, speed and time.
This struggle in the jungle comes down to two riders that battle with each other. Either you are a zebra or a cheetah, you need to be strong and make every pedal stroke count in this chase!
Different type of contests and events can be organized, with individual riders or teams and it`s an event that can be held both indoors and outdoors.

Ride Fast not Last!

REBORN Sprints

We have a background in cycling and custom cycling projects. To discover who we are and what keeps us busy check us out –

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We provide all the equipment for a cycling event and will host your event with the best music vibes and we will guarantee you an exciting show for any type of crowd. Reborn Sprints is perfect for any type of venue, from bars and coffee shops to corporate events, festivals, team buildings, private and special events, schools… you name it!

It’s a great event to promote cycling, a healthy lifestyle and to build community.

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The choice is yours. Our packages are tailored to suit your activity. Take a look at what we have on the menu and let's do this! If nothing we have listed is in your interest, drop us a line and we can customize it for your needs. If you want to become a partner on this new and exciting type of events, drop us a message.

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